Terms & Conditions

§ 1 Scope of Application

1) The following conditions are relevant for the organization of the following events and congresses: CAR-Symposium, Chinese-German CAR-Symposium, CAR-connects and Ruhr-Symposium of D+S Automotive GmbH and University of Duisburg-Essen – in the following called „Organizer“ – at the company headquarter and at extern venues for interested companies – in the following called “Exhibitors” – as well as for interested participants of the events and congresses – in the following called “participants”.

2) The organizer operates only based on its terms & conditions. The organizer does not accept deviating terms & conditions of the exhibitor. The terms & conditions of the exhibitor won't become part of the contract - even if the organizer does not explicitely contradicts against it.

§ 2 Participation

1) The CAR-Symposium, the Chinese-German CAR-Symposium, the CAR-connects and the Ruhr-Symposium – in the following called „Event“ – are in general open for all interested companies and individuals.

2) There is the opportunity to take part at the event either as Exhibitors or as Participant. § 3 Registration as Participant A registration as participant should be sent via the online registration form to the organizer as soon as possible. The registration is binding, as soon as the organizer confirms it by email. Unregistered appearance at an event goes to the risk of the participant. There is no right to participate at the event when the maximal number of participants is already achieved.

§ 3a Registration as Exhibitor

1) The registration for an event as exhibitor requires the use of the registration form of the corresponding event and is a legally binding offer for the Exhibitor. By handing over the registration form, the Exhibitor accepts the terms and conditions of the organizer as binding

2) Changes, Erasures or Additions are inoperative without the previous agreement of the organizer.

3) The Organizer is entitled to exclude individual Exhibitors from taking part in an event for justifiable reasons, especially if the available space is not sufficient.

§ 4 Withdrawal / Cancellation

1) Withdrawal must be declared in written form towards the organizer.

2) In case of cancellation by the participant/exhibitor up to 10 weeks before the congress, the participant/exhibitor has to compensate the expenses of the organizer by paying 25 percent of the booked package’s price. A cancellation 2 weeks or less before the event, as well as a part-time appearance or non-appearance will be charged completely.

3) The participant/exhibitor is allowed to denominate a deputy, but the operator is allowed to reject that deputy without giving any reason.

§ 5 Exchange, Transfer to third parties

1) Exhibitors are not allowed to partly or completely swap its allocated exhibition space with another exhibitor without a written agreement with the organizer. Moreover, a partial or complete transfer of the exhibition space to a third party is forbidden without a written agreement on it with the organizer.

§ 6 Prices and Payment Conditions

1) The participation fee for exhibitors and participants will be due after the event upon receipt of invoice without any deductions and with a payment period of two weeks. The payment has to contain the invoice number and the event name and has to be remitted to the bank account of the organizer that’s mentioned in the invoice.

2) The exhibitor’s costs are binding and depend on the chosen exhibitor package. Possible rebates have to be confirmed in written form by the organizer and will be omitted if the payment is delayed.

3) Starting from the first day of payment delay, interest will be charged additionally. The interest rate is 8 percent above the current rate of the EZB (§ 247 BGB). 4) The fee is per Exhibitors / Participants plus VAT. The participation fee does not include accommodation costs.

§ 7 Carrying Out

1) The events will be carried out according to theirs published agendas. The organizer reserves to change speakers, relocation or changes in the agenda, as far as the event objective does not change substantially.

§ 8 Acts of God/Cancellation/Postponement

1) Unforeseen happenings and Acts of God or official order which avoid the planned realization of the event and for which the organizer is not responsible, entitle the organizer to cancel the event prior to the opening, to reschedule it or to shorten the event.

2) In case of rescheduling, exhibitors can withdraw from the contract as far as they can prove that the rescheduling leads to a conflict with another already booked exhibition at the same time. Only if that can be proved, already paid fees will be refunded.

3) If the event has to be shortened due to Acts of God or other circumstances, for which the organizer is not responsible for, the exhibitor cannot withdraw from the contract and the exhibitor is not entitled to full or partial reimbursement.

4) In the mentioned cases, claims for damages are excluded for both parties, Organizer and Exhibitors.

5) Only if the organizer acts with intent or gross negligence, it will be liable for property or pecuniary damage of exhibitors or participants. Please note this also regarding bookings of hotels and plane or train tickets.

§ 9 Copyrights

1) All documents that will be handed over to participants or exhibitors by the organizer are copyrighted. Reproduction, transmission or other use of the documents is not allowed without written agreement of the organizer.

§10 Place of performance / Place of jurisdiction

1) Place of performance is the corresponding venue place. Place of jurisdiction is Duisburg, Germany.

§ 11 Data Protection

1) With regard to the provisions of the Data Protection Act (BDSG) we point out that the storage of your personal data is only for the purpose of sending you brochures, programs, seminar information and information about other events of the organizer and adapt our offer to your needs. Personal data is used exclusively for the purposes of the Federal Data Protection Act. You can object to the storage and use of your personal data at any time.

§ 12 Final Provisions

1) Only German law applies. In case of invalidity of one or more provisions of these terms and conditions, the invalid provision is to be replaced by an effective one which comes the ineffective economically as close as possible. The efficacy, feasibility and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not be affected by sporadic ineffectiveness. In addition, the statutory provisions apply.