Basic Infos

Traditional German CAR-Symposium

History of the CAR-Symposium

In Germany, the CAR-Symposium has a 19 years‘ tradition and a broad reputation within the European automotive event industry.

Every year, the congress welcomes over 120 company partners and exhibitors, attracting more than 1.200 participants and journalists.

CAR-Symposium in China 

In 2015, the CAR-Symposium became inter-national and found its way to China for the very first time. Located next to the Chinese Motor Show in Beijing and Shanghai, the conference brings together experts, companies and inter-national know-how.


5th CAR-Symposium China in Shanghai

Germany with its strong car industry is on the way to transform to a new era of mobility. With great respect, we look at the rapid transformation of mobility in Greater China.

Following the successful launch of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th CAR-Symposium in Shanghai and Beijing, we are happy to present our 5th CAR-Symposium in China on April 2019.