Basic Infos

Traditional German CAR-Symposium

The history of the CAR-Symposium goes back to the year 2000. Soon the University Duisburg-Essen became the official organizer of the event. The demand of Professor Dudenhöffers congress swiftly increased. The CAR-Symposium has firmly established itself as the primary event of the automotive industry with over 100 company partners, more than 1,200 participants of OEM´s, suppliers and service providers. In addition, it is the most important event of the German Automotive Industry supported by one of the largest engineering departments among German Universities. 

4th CAR-Symposium China in Beijing

Germany with its strong car industry is on the way to transform to a new era of mobility. With great respect, we look at the rapid transformation of mobility in Greater China.

Following the successful launch of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd CAR-Symposium in Shanghai and Beijing, we are happy to present our 4th CAR-Symposium and the debut of the CAR-connects recruiting fair in China on April 2018.